Hi I’m Charles

I am currently building a new website. The website will be published in late June. In the meantime please enjoy the updated copy.

I recently finished my education and now working as a webdeveloper for hire. I can help you build responsive Websites (Marketing Websites, Corporate Websites, Landing Pages, E-Commerce Websites), Web Applications (MVPs etc) or help you get better relations with developers. I recently worked with FindSportJobs.com, Clement & Weyer, Charles Oakes, EF London (Entrepreneur First) and Nudge .

In a previous chapter, I co-founded Betacube (a non-profit for Developers, Designers, Entrepreneurs and Startups in Luxembourg). I enjoy building websites & web applications on the internet and I am fascinated by the design, development and product decision processes.

I am currently available for hire. I roam between Berlin and Luxembourg

You can reach me via E-Mail, on LinkedIn and on Twitter. Add me to your address book