Charles Buchler explores

technology and startups

through events

Hi everybody, this website gives you an overview of my work as an event organiser and event host as well as what I believe in. I have been organising events for the past 6 years, including hosting my first event for BetaCube.
Hooked by the world that unfolded itself in front of my eyes, I continued and started to organise more and more events as well as starting to host them. By Day I am a full-stack developer for a consulting boutique, by any other time, event mensch.
If you are into technology and/or startup events I’d like to connect with you.

Here is how I can help you

I offer a wide range of services to events and communities. If I can't cover one of the services, I have amazing partners, who are ready to help you within a heartbeat.

Event Planning

Organizing an event is an adventure, creative and alive. Its success stays on an outstanding concept, a quality product and a strong and well-managed team as well as well-targeted communication and serious management.

Event Hosting

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How you can benefit from this:

I’m an accelerator / incubator

Accelerators and Incubators depend on vibrant startup and technology communities spark inspiration and innovation within their programs itself,

I’m a startup

Technology focused startups

I’m a corporation

In order to stay relevant and up to date on current trends, technology as well as startups are unavoidable. Events are the perfect way for your departments to explore new technologies and business/lifestyle trends that can turn later into new innovation that comes from within your company. Stop outsourcing innovation and start produce it in-house.

I’m a event agency

Do you run your own events but can’t handle the current workload? Help yourself by outsourcing part of your work to me. The list above should give you a decent overview how I can help you run amazing events.

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Berlin Hack and Tell developer meetups
London Hack and Tell Developer Meetups
Pirate Summit Global Luxembourg
International day for failure
Hack and Wear by Salesforce and Accenture
Betacube -- the community for developers, designers and entrepreneurs

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What my peers say about me

I worked with Charles on Pirate Summit Luxembourg 2016 and I can only say that he shows great organizational skills, pays high attention to the details that make the difference, and he is always source of proposals to improve things. Definitely a good person to work on a project with.
Charles is rocking the stage. Literaly. He has the startup mind in his blood and is the perfect event moderator you might have. He knows how to wake up the crowd and manage a wide range of speakers.
[...] He has worked as an MC and we were very pleased about his job. Charel is a human, sympathetic, enthusiast and professional person.